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Soft Art

Unique contemporary work in fiber by Seattle-based fiber artist Sarah Carr

in Rich Colors

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Take a live workshop with Sarah or learn the ancient art of felting through online courses


is a fiber artist and designer based in Seattle. Her work is rooted in her fascination with the emotional and neurological impact of color. Her approach to composition is intuitive and improvisational, relying on the subconscious to bring form and meaning from the world of imagination into the physical realm. 


Her works with wool fleece and other natural and synthetic fibers utilize the ancient technique of wet felting. She cuts, carves, molds, and reassembles handmade felt into 2-D and 3-D forms using a combination of traditional and modern methods. 

In addition to her fine fiber art, she is the Artistic Director of the theater company WeftWorks, where she creates costumes, puppets, and fiber sculptures for performance, as well as choreographing and designing productions.

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