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This page features a rotating selection of my past and present work in fiber, including work that now resides with collectors. 

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Lost Continents

Lost Continent 5 Full
Lost Continent 1 swatch.jpg
Lost Continent 2 swatch.jpg
Lost Continent 3 swatch.jpg
Lost Continent IV

Hand-felted wool and natural & synthetic fibers mounted on grey chenille upholstery fabric, stretched on a wood frame. 

16" H x  12" W x 1" D

Strata Felt Paintings

Kingdom for CANVY.jpg
Kingdom in the West
Blue Waves Swatch.jpg
Golden Wheat Swatch.jpg
red detail wq.jpg

Handmade wet felted wool, cut, carved and assembled on cradled wood panel. This piece was inspired by the poem Sunset by Rainer Maria Rilke and was created for an exhibit at the Davinci Art Alliance in Philadelphia called Artist, Reader, Writer. In the poem, "the west reaches for clothes of new colors" as Rilke ponders the liminal nature of being human, belonging to the world of materiality as well as the world of imagination.

9"W x 12"H x 1"D

Land and Space Scapes

Deep Space 1 wq.jpg
Deep Space I

Hand and needle felted wool with natural and synthetic fibers stretched on panel. Triptych consisting of three 16' circles.

16"W x 1" D (each panel)

Windswept swatch.jpg
Deep Space 2 swatch.jpg
The Sun Sets on Coal Country Swatch.jpg

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