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Felted Vessels Workshop

Learn how to make a unique, hollow felted form with wet felting!

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Service Description

Learn the basics of the wet felting technique and how to use a resist to make a hollow form. This is basis of making felted vessels, hats, bags, shoes, and more! By the end of this 2 hour workshop, you will complete your first felted vessel, and understand how to repeat the process on your own. We will cover - Flat Wet Felting techniques - Patterning and shrinkage - Creating 3-D features with a resist - Using yarns and found fiber ornaments - Shaping wet felt for drying as well as any odds and ends that come up along the way! This is LIVE workshop presented over Zoom, with plenty of opportunities to interact and ask questions. Some recommended supplies are listed below. You will get a full, detailed supply list and link to purchase supplies you may not be able to find locally after you register. You will need: - A sturdy work surface, protected with plastic if necessary - Old towels for cleanup - Grippy shelf liner or bubble wrap, at least 12" x 24" - At least 2 oz wool roving (Corriedale preferred, NOT super wash or washable!) - Mild castille soap, unscented olive oil soap preferred - Reclaimed thick plastic bag or foam packing sheet - Medium size (at least 6 cups) bowl or bucket for water - A boot tray (at least 12" or more) is great for containing wet mess, but not necessary if you are working in a space that can get wet or outdoors Your supply list will have more tips for using things you might have around the house for our purposes! I look forward to meeting you and making things together! Sarah

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