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I'm Sarah Carr.

 I first learned felting and weaving, spinning, and dyeing techniques from Michael Cornfield at Marshall University, where I studied art and earned a degree in Anthropology.

I became fascinated by the properties and possibilities of wool, and began years of experimentation with wet and needle felting techniques. It was after a experiencing a concussion and suffering from post-concussion syndrome in my 30s that these experiments converged into a new fully-formed aesthetic. The sinuous, repeating lines somehow seem to echo my brain’s attempt to find some kind of order in chaos.


My work offers the viewer the neural stimulation of juxtaposed color combined with the soothing, familiar texture of textiles. The abstract forms invite close examination, while changing perspectives and variation in light throughout the day alter perceptions of the forms within. 

In addition to my fine fiber art, I also work in 2D media like watercolor and printmaking. In addition, I am the Artistic Director of the theater company WeftWorks, where I create costumes, puppets, and fiber sculptures for performance, as well as choreographing and designing productions. 

I am active on Instagram @carrarts and my work can be found on Facebook at sarahcarrarts -- follow along!

the Artist

It all begins with combed wool fleece, dyed in vibrant colors. I layer the fiber carefully, alternating the orientation of each layer of wool. I use traditional wet felting processes (warm water, castile soap, and lots of elbow grease) to transform the fiber into a thick, laminated felt. Many different hand-made felts can go into each unique piece, as I deconstruct and reassemble the parts into a new whole.


Depending on the intended environment, I may use felting needles and hand-stitching to create the piece on a fabric substrate that can be hung or stretched like a canvas, or I can use an archival adhesive to mount the work onto a wooden panel. 

wave detail wq.jpg

Materials and

the Process
Grapevine Living Room 2.jpg

I welcome the opportunity to create fine fiber art for your specific environment, whether it is residential or commercial, private or public.

My work is available in several different display options to work in any setting. Pieces that are mounted on fabric and stretched can even have up to 2″ of sound-absorbing material incorporated behind the work for added acoustic benefits.


Even without this addition, fine fiber art adds soft surfaces to your room, reducing echoes and creating a more welcoming environment.


Fiber can be custom-dyed to create a unique work that embraces and enhances the design of your interior. Please reach out for more information and ideas for your project!


Custom orders
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